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Adobe released 2015.3 (10.4) Update Fixes

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Date : 2016-08-05
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Adobe released 2015.3 (10.4) Update Fixes

Adobe application updates 2015.3 Version to v10.4, mainly to implement native Quicktime Format support, but also to fix several bugs.

Today Adobe released a list of improvements and fixes. This update mainly addresses further more native quicktime movie formats without to install quicktime on MS Windows.
Unfortunately still no re-implementation of the Direct Link to Speedgrade function in Premiere and Speedgrade has been left out in this upgrade which indicates that Adobe really want’s to let Speedgrade die.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2015.3 (10.4) Notable Fixes

  • Proxy media support when Dynamic Linking to After Effects has been improved
  • Several new QuickTime formats are now natively supported on Windows without the QuickTime player needing to be installed (Import: AAC, PNG, Animation codec; Export: Animation codec)
  • The HDR Specular slider in the Lumetri Panel now functions correctly
  • Frame accuracy has been improved when flattening a Multi-Camera Source Sequence containing speed changes
  • Certain issues encountered when transcoding image sequences on ingest have been resolved
  • The stability of FCP XML export has been improved
  • The stability of Multi-Camera Source Sequence creation has been improved.
  • Certain issues with incorrect numbers of audio channels when creating proxy files have been fixed
  • Performance issues with H264 media on Windows when ‘Enable Accelerated H264 Decoding’ was enabled have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where a noise burst could occur when playing back at 2x with ‘Maintain pitch while shuttling’ enabled
  • Some issues with dragging Multi-Camera Source Sequences to a sequence or to the Project Panel have been resolved
  • .stl files now conform to EBU 3264
  • The Link Media dialog no longer has certain file types disabled
  • An issue with color control surfaces not correctly applying master track controls has been resolved
  • Fixed an issue with waveforms offsetting when flattening Multi-Camere Source Sequences
  • Fixed a rendering issue on scaled clips with OpenCL or CUDA
  • An issue with opacity handles from previous versions not being accessible has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue with black frames for RED files with a certain NVIDIA driver installed (368.39)
  • An issue where audio did not play back after enabling ‘Maintain Audio Pitch’ with a speed change in place has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where trimming in the time line could disable Overlays from appearing

Adobe Premiere Pro 2015.3 (10.3) Notable Fixes

  • Fixed issues where QT32 Server asserts or ‘Error Compiling Movie’ errors were seen when exporting to QuickTime ProRes files
  • Fixed application being unresponsive when opening a 9.2.1 project in 10.x
  • Fixed certain proxy generation issues when files were open in the Source Monitor from the Media Browser
  • Fixed red frame issues when playing back Sony XAVC Lon-G files
  • Improved audio rendering times when using multi-cam clips and adaptive audio tracks
  • Fixed frame drop issues with Cineform media on 12-core 2013 Mac Pro systems
  • Fixed performance issues when duplicate frame indicators were enabled
  • Fixed audio distortion when using USB microphones with Transmit enabled
  • Fixed playback issues on Windows when using AMD R9 cards
  • Resolved certain proxy linking issues when off-lining media
  • Improved 4K 24p H264 playback on Microsoft Surface Book
  • Fixed an issue with 608 captions dropping characters in 29.97fps
  • Fixed a thumbnail flickering issue in large projects on Mac
  • Fixed a certain crash issue when opening legacy projects
  • Non-watermarked Adobe Stock videos now correctly replace watermarked samples after licensing
  • Improved Premiere Pro performance when AME is generating proxies
  • Fixed an audio buzz issue when playing or scrubbing audio crossfades on clips with clip pan
  • Fixed a hang issue when lasso-selecting edit points
  • Fixed an exception error which could occur right after recording multicam edits
  • Fixed black program monitor issue with RED media with OpenCL and Mac OS X 10.10.5
  • Fixed OpenCL playback crash on Surface Pro 4
  • Match Source issues of incorrect matching of certain formats have been resolved
  • Issues of audio dropout when some tracks were muted have been resolved
  • Fixed an issue where growing files imported from EVS weren’t actually growing
  • Fixed an issue where peak files were constantly being regenerated on project open
  • Fixed key-frame inaccuracies in FCP XML export
  • Fixed an issue where auto-saving did not occur due to project changes not being recognized
  • Improved import performance of AAF from a directory containing several OPAtom files
  • Fixed Match Frame command for subclips
  • Fixed a crash issue when exporting to XDCAM HD 422 50mb MXF media with smart rendering enabled
  • Fixed issue where closed captioning files were being unnecessarily re-scanned on Windows
  • Transmit offset value now correctly disallowed when scrubbing audio
  • Fixed an issue where Sony RAW S-Log 2 media could appear transparent
  • Fixed an issue where the Work Area Bar setting did not stick
  • Fixed an assert issue when creating new Closed Captions on Mac
  • Fixed C300 media import issues
  • Resolved an issue where Merged Clip volume changes were not showing in Clip Mixer
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio in IMX render
  • Aspect ratio inaccuracies with certain 1920×1080 media have been fixed

Adobe Media Encoder 2015.3 (10.4) Notable Fixes

  • Fixed several issues encountered when ‘Premiere Pro > Import sequences natively’ was checked in the preferences
  • Several issues with ingest were resolved
  • Stability of the Media Browser has been improved
  • XAVC HD Intra Class 200 presets were replaced with Class 100 presets for improved compatibility with more devices
  • Issues where Destination Publishing could fail with due to a time-out have been resolved
  • Certain issues with Audio Hardware preferences have been resolved
  • Fixed issues where Lumetri looks were being incorrectly rendered, and ProRes exports could appear over-exposed

Adobe Media Encoder 2015.3 (10.3) Notable Fixes

  • Significant improvements to error reporting
  • Fixed an issue where audio could repeat at the end of an encode or a silent section within a Premiere Pro sequence
  • Improved 3rd-party player support for MPEG2 exports
  • Several issues with muxing of audio and video files at the end of an export process have been resolved
  • Smart rendering performance has been improved
  • Resolved some issues where AME would keep a lock on recently encoded files such that users could not move them
  • Fixed an issue when exporting long files/sequences to MXF presets could cause an ‘error compiling movie’ error
  • Resolved several performance issues when the GPU was enabled



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