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Canon C300 Mk II Firmware Update v1. Noise Reduction fix

Date : 2017-05-16
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Canon C300 Mk II Firmware Update v1. Noise Reduction fix

Today Canon released a new Firmware update for their C300 Mark II which fixes the noise-reduction issues which was apperent since firmware version v1.0.4.1

We’ve written an article about this Noise Reduction issue at earlier this year.

How to disable Noise Reduction completely

Canon has added an additional value to the Picture Profile’s Noise Reduction Value.
If image noise reduction should be turned off completely the Noise Reduction Value needs to be set to -1, which is one step lower than the value Off.

Noise Reduction set to -1

When set to -1, the noise reduction is turned off completely for the currently selected picture profile only. This step needs to be done for every Custom Picture Profile that should have noise reduction disabled.

Noise Reduction artifacts fixed

A quick test approves that the noise reduction artifacts are now gone.

Noise Reduction set to -1 (no artifacts visible) Noise Reduction set to Off (motion-artifacts visible)

Still frames above with settings OFF and -1

From a subjective standpoint I would say that there is not significantly more noise than with noise-reduction set to Off than with setting -1 which completely deactivates noise reduction for the current Picture Profile. The noise behaviour is much better now and can be easily removed with various noise reduction plugins like Neat Noise. On the other hand – noise levels on the C300 Mark II are at a normal level when graded correctly. NTown Production’s Base-LUT collection can also help on that regard.

Complete List of Firmware changes Changes

Firmware Version incorporates the following fixes and enhancements:
1. Fixes a phenomenon in which, depending on usage conditions, the camera freezes when a VPG130 CFast card is used simultaneously with a non VPG130 CFast card. *1
2. Adds a [-1] *3 option to the [Noise Reduction] setting under Custom Picture Settings to completely cancel the effects of noise reduction. *2
3. Fixes the panel light control mechanism of the viewfinder.

*1 This applies to cameras equipped with Firmware Version
*2 This applies to cameras equipped with Firmware Version –
*3 On cameras equipped with Firmware Version or later, even if the [Noise Reduction] setting is set to [Off], a small amount of noise reduction is still applied. If the [-1] setting is selected, no noise reduction is applied, so the amount of noise will increase compared to when the [Off] setting is selected. Furthermore, when displaying the metadata of clips captured with the [-1] setting using Canon XF Utility Ver. 2.1 – 3.2, the [Noise Reduction] setting will be displayed as blank.

(Source: Canon)


Canon USA Support – Firmware v1. Download

Canon Germany Support – Firmware v1. Download


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