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GadgetFlux EXCLUSIVE NEWS: lightREXX – A New Camera Standard to Connect Them All?

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Date : 2016-04-01
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Earthshattering collaboration between Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Red, Arri and others!

lightREXX - a new interconnection standard for all camera systems?

BREAKING NEWS: lightREXX – The One To Connect Them All?

Sources told us today that a newly formed consortium called lightREXX Group will bring out very soon (maybe NAB 2016) a kind of wireless interconnection between many of the major camera manufacturers. It is not clear what this is all about, but it seems that there will be a wireless connection between cameras to use each others function, even more, the functions are shared in some way.

The newly formed consortium includes all major camera manufacturers which are working together very hard to deliver stunning results with the new interconnection. Firmware updates for cameras are expected as soon as NAB 2016 ends but the source told us that not all manufacturers are on board of the consortium, bacause their current cameras (“some of the cheaper ones”) are not able to take the workload of commands sent to them and that there are some problems of implementing it to the firmware. But all of the bigger camera manufacturers seeing no problem in implementing LightREXX to their firmware.

It is known that one of the key developers of the system is William S. Hawes, who is known for a similar system to interconnect software with each other via message ports.

lightRexx box?

this seems to be the box which connects the cameras

It is not entirely clear what the lightREXX “system” is capable of, but the source told us that in a demo with a “black box” connected to two different cameras, the operator was able to not only control certain function from each of the cameras, but also to somehow combines the features of the two and that after further development the black box (picture above) should later be replaced by a device as samll as a dongle like in the picture below.

very small lightREXX dongle

very small lightREXX dongle

What We Know

  • Wireless camera interconnection system
  • controlled via mobile app
  • functions of cameras are shared
  • current cameras just need new firmware and a hardware dongle
  • beta box possible availability at NAB 2016

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